Journal Articles

Taylor F (2020) Enduring Precarity: Affective Labour, Millennial Experience, and the Reproduction of Familial Relationships. (Submitted to Antipode summer 2019, in review).

Conference Papers Presented

Love In The Time Of Precarity: The Intimate Costs of Housing Insecurity Among Young Renters in Hackney (Feminist Engagements with Austerity, Bristol University 2019).

Intimate Labour and the Precarious Reproduction of Relationships (AAG New Orleans 2018)

A Tale of Two Boroughs: Social Reproduction, Capital, and Homemaking in Hackney’s Rental Market (CIG Maynooth 2018) 

Hackney’s Young Renters and the Precarious Work of Reproducing Relationships - Conference Paper (Feminist Geographies, University of Montreal 2018)


Precarity, Housing and Relationships in Hackney (Hackney Showroom: Money Series 2018)

Housing Precarity in London Today: Action Research and Creating Change (QMUL Gradfest 2017)

MPhil Thesis 

Imagining Fertility in Malawi: Mapping Reproductive Narratives in Political and Cultural Interface