I am currently a PhD researcher and teaching associate based at QMUL School of Geography. Broadly, I am interested in social reproduction, feminist political economy, creative methodologies, and the multi-scalar politics of intimacy. At the moment I am particularly interested in the relationship between flows of capital(s) and the political economy of intimacy in urban space. 

I am currently carrying out fieldwork in the London Borough of Hackney. The project involves qualitative interviewing with young people living in rented accommodation, and explores the ways that economic constraints affect the ways that families, friendships, and partnerships are configured and reproduced. My research is supervised by Catherine Nash and Cathy McIlwaine, and funded by the QMUL Arts and Humanities Studentship.

Prior to my PhD, I completed an MPhil at Cambridge University, in the Centre of Gender Studies. My research, supervised by Megan Vaughan, was based around the ways that development and NGO cultures inform narratives about fertility and reproduction in contemporary Malawi. Before this, I obtained my BA in History at Cambridge, through which I became interested in demographic history and the discourses around gender and sexuality that permeate understandings of population. 

Aside from (but connected to) my work as a tutor and researcher, I am interested in performing live music, studio recording, illustration, and video-making. I have spent over a decade performing and recording music with a succession of different projects, and currently most of my musical energy goes into my bands Suggested Friends and Chorusgirl. My love of music led me to teach instruments professionally from 2013 to 2017, mostly working with children and young people in Hackney. I am also very interested in and inspired by grassroots activism and labour organising.



I also make spoons.